Nanocamp is part of an outreach programme initiated by the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. Every year, a selection of the best Year 12 students in the country are invited to participate in a week long science camp in which they delve into nanoscience and nanotechnology. The students get to spend time working with the Institute’s top scientists and completing hands-on investigations in the fields of electron miscroscopy, laser physics and nanoelectronics.

The logo and the image for the programme had to reflect the young and fun approach of this event. The idea of having a postcard as an invitation had two objectives; the first was to communicate and invite the participation of the students around the country, while the second was to make this into something that they could keep and serve as a memento of their participation. 

It was considered that for the 2015 camp, the illustration should have a refresh although still having both a girl and a boy representing the target audience.


nanocamp postcard 2015
NanoCamp postcard 2015
NanoCamp 2015 poster
NanoCamp 2015 poster2
poster mockup
banner mockup